The Welsh Police force use In Phase in Road Safety Van

A customised police van is being used by North Wales Police to tackle boy racers and noisy car music systems. A former speed camera van has been “blinged up” in the style of the Pimp My Ride TV show, complete with a souped-up stereo and a fly paint job.

The van, which was given its new look with the help of local suppliers, is being taken to schools and colleges.

Police said the van was among initiatives designed to deal with the potential danger of “cruising” events.

E-Cartec was the dealer who installed the car audio equipments and lighting into the Police van and we are very happy to say that they have used the In Phase brand of products throught the install. Please find a lit below of all the items that have been used in the install.

We would like to thank E-Cartec for supplying the images and also North Wales Police force for coming up with this great idea. Lets hope it reduces the amount of deaths on the roads of North Wales..

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