IPA5001D 1 Ohm Stable 5000W Monoblock Subwoofer Amplifier

In Phase amplifiers are made to rock your world. With great muscle also comes refinement!
The New InPhase IPA range of amplifiers from InPhase is possibly one of the best car amplifiers available today. Car amplifiers are the heart of a system and need be of the best quality available for your budget. All Inphase IPA car amplifiers are hand assembled and go through 35 different check points to ensure you get the best possible car amplifier today. With 1 ohm stable designs, trimode capability and clever protection circuits, these hand-built powerhouses will take anything you throw at them. Massive heat sinks with a high surface area to volume ratios and cast end caps to hide the wiring connections and keep things controlled – helped by forced air cooling on the real bass monsters. British Design All In Phase amps are designed in the UK utilising over 30 years of audio experience to create a sound that is right for you. Improved Circuit Design To prevent circuit shutdown, In Phase's new digital amplifier circuit, senses its internal temperature and automatically moderates input level accordingly. Stable, durable circuitry lessens the risk of high input power for the unit to achieve 1 Ω connection. This design enhances the flexibility to connect multiple subwoofers to a system. Low Pass Filter For extra flexibility, a variable LPF makes audio frequency more adjustable according to subwoofer characteristics and personal listening preferences. The LPF is adjustable from 30 Hz to 250 Hz. Technical Specification Power source: 14.4V DC ( 10V to 16V ) Grounding system: Negative type Current consumption: 67A (at continuous power: 4Ω) Average current consumption: 1.6A ( 4Ω for one channel ) Average current consumption: 1.8A ( 2Ω for one channel ) Average current consumption: 2.0A ( 1Ω for one channel ) Dimensions ( D x W x H ): 510mm x 250mm x 55.5mm Weight: 5.5kg ( 7.7lbs excluding cables ) MAX: 1780W x 1 ( 4Ω ) MAX: 3000W x 1 ( 2Ω ) MAX: 5000W x 1 ( 1Ω ) RMS: 890W x 1 (at 14.4V. 4Ω 20Hz to 240Hz.< 1% THD) RMS: 1500W x 1 (at 14.4V. 2Ω 20Hz to 240Hz.< 1% THD) RMS: 2500W x 1 (at 14.4V. 1Ω 20Hz to 240Hz.< 1% THD) Load impedance: 4Ω (1Ω to 8Ω allowable) Frequency response: 10Hz to 250Hz (+0dB.-3dB) Signal noise ratio: 100dB (IHF-A network) Low pass filter: cut off frequency 50Hz to 250Hz cut off slope -24dB/oct Subsonic filter: cut off frequency 10Hz to 50Hz cut off slope -24dB/oct Bass control: Frequency 50Hz and Level 0dB to 12dB Gain control: 200mV to 6V Maximum input level / impedance 6V / 22kΩ
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